Bitcoin vs HEX price Prediction - #1 CoinMarketcap


Imagine you want to create the biggest MarketCap crypto ever done.

You are ambitious enough to try to beat Bitcoin with a SIMPLY BETTER CRYPTO.

So you can, maybe, take the MOST DEMANDED BANKING PRODUCT IN THE WORLD: SAVINGS ACCOUNT, improve it and release it FOR FREE into the blockchain. That crypto should be SCARCE AND HIGH DEMAND, able to make holders very wealthy while watching $10 Trillion Banking business moving to the decentralized blockchain.

Now, give your opinion, does this coin meet the criteria?

HEX - The First High Interest Bank Deposit

The new currency crafted by Richard Heart is soon going to hit the market with what I think is the right formula:







HEX works as a high interest Bank Deposit. All coins are LOCKED-UP and out of the market for the period they will be getting interests.Currency inflation is a fixed 3,69%, one of the lowest. Bitcoin 4,16%.HEX is a Bitcoin Airdrop spread evenly. That way it avoids price drops due whale dumping: Big wallets get up to -75% HEX.Multisig wallets (Exchanges) are not allow to claim.Bad actors Bitcoin addresses’ like Mt Gox or Roger Ver are banned.90% of AIRDROPPED FREE HEX COINS are automatically locked for 50 weeks.


HEX does not meet any of the criteria to be considered a financial product by the American SEC. Can not be prohibited.Code is fixed to avoid forksCode is externally audited before release.HEX Origin wallet will receive a copy of the unclaimed coins. The proceeds will be used for trademark and patent registration to avoid copies.HEX Airdrop can be claimed OFFLINE and anonymously through a VPN.


Highest interests on the banking and crypto sector: Yearly 20% interest a year for a 5 year lock-up period. However longer and bigger stacks interest increases exponentially.For the first 50 week claim period all non claimed coins, all Bad actor coins and all Whale penalty coins go to stackers. That’s up to 300%Origin wallet gets a percentage of interests which are destined for Marketing and Advertising.20% more HEX for early claimAirdrop is 10.000 HEX per 1 BTC. You get 11.000 HEX if you claim through the REFERRAL LINK on every tutorial on the HEX INFORMATION SITE: HEX-WIN.COM

So, does HEX meet the criteria as a worthy Bitcoin contender?

HEX seems to have the right Crypto Game Theory and the PERFECT MONETARY FORMULA:


HIGH DEMAND due to a massive up to 300% interest in locked-up coins first 50 weeks. Up to 20% a year after 50 weeks.

PROLONGED SCARCITY: 90% Airdropped coins will be LOCKED-UP for 50 weeks while getting interest.

That is going to produce an EXPLOSIVE PRICE RISE on the markets that can lead to HEX BECOMING #1 CRYPTO

If you want to know the SNAPSHOT DATE to claim your FREE HEX subscribe to:


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