How to Claim 10% MORE HEX

Earn 11.000 HEX instead of 10.000 HEX — Wallet Tutorial 2019

HEX crypto is releasing in Autumn. Get ready NOW!

How to stake Hex?

- To perform all the saving functions you will need to install Metamask in your browser.

- To start the SAVINGS MODE in your Ethereum account you need to pay a few dollar cents worth of Ethereum so that it is processed by the Ethereum blockchain.

- To end the SAVINGS MODE you will also need few ETH cents.

- You can start your savings mode with any amount of HEX you want. Y

ou can use both free coins and purchased coins.

- You can have several savings accounts and you can have them for different lock up periods. From 1 week to 50 years.

- The longer you stake the more you get, up to 20% interest a year.

- The more HEX you stake the more you get.It is not possible to change your lock up periods.It is not possible to add HEX to your locked up stack, you must create a new savings account.

- Any unclaimed Hex will be redistributed to the stakers, but this will only take place in the first 50 weeks. After the fifty weeks, all stakers will receive a bonus depending on how many people claimed.

- Once you SAVINGS MODE is FINISHED you must run END STAKE FUNCTION procedure yourself or you will loose 1% per week. Because the stakers expired shares are sitting in the stakers share pool reducing everyone else’s payouts and there is no way to update the state of the system to know those shares are expired unless someone runs a function to update the network. Running functions costs a small fee, so it is the responsibility of the staker. Anyone can run the good accounting function for anyone else. A generous person could run good accounting for all the stakes every 2 weeks and no one would ever pay this penalty.

- You can take your HEX out of the savings account mode at any time. The penalty if you take out your stack earlier is 50% of the interest not received. The penalty coins are given to the stakers.


If you have 100 HEX for a period of 1 year at 20% interest rate at the end of the year you receive 120 HEX

But if you take out your stack 6 months before the end of your lock up you get 100 HEX. You loose the 10 HEX you made as interest as a penalty.

If you take out your coins after only 1 day staking, you receive 90 HEX.

If you get it out the lock up period 1 day before the you get 119.9 HEX.

What do I need to Claim HEX?

- HEX crypto is releasing in Autumn. Get ready NOW!

- You can claim ANY AMOUNT of Bitcoin, starting from 1 Satoshi.

The Bitcoin address you claim from must be in your OWN WALLET. You can not claim from an exchange address.

- Must own your SEEDPHRASE.You can ONLY claim HEX from a LEGACY or NATIVE SEGWIT Bitcoin Wallet. CAN NOT claim from a MULTISIG Wallet.

- You need to SIGN A MESSAGE from your Wallet if you want to claim. The wallets that allow message signing are: Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Armory, Ledger, Trezor, Multibit & movile wallets Mycelium and Coinomi.

- You need an ETHEREUM address to be sent your HEX crypto after claim.If you have your Bitcoin on different wallets or addresses you need to sign a claim message on each BTC address separately. ETH address can be the same.

- You can ONLY claim the Bitcoin that is on your wallet on the SNAPSHOT date and time. You CAN NOT CLAIM if you SEND AWAY Bitcoin from your wallet before the snapshot or SEND IN Bitcoin to your wallet after the snapshot.


What is the MESSAGE I have to SIGN?

The Message to be Sign can change. We suggest you go to the HEX INFORMATION WEBSITE or SUBSCRIBE to the TWITTER and FACEBOOK channels in order to be UPDATED

Is it SAFE to claim HEX? Can I loose my Bitcoin?

Your Bitcoin does not need to leave your wallet to claim Hex.

The process is anonymous. In order to claim you don’t need to fill any Know Your Costumer form or give any kind of data.

For more anonymity you can use a VPN when claiming. Also can do many claim steps OFFLINE.

What are the steps to Claim HEX?

Follow your Bitcoin Wallet Tutorial on the HEX INFORMATION WEBSITE

Get your MESSAGE SIGNEDCopy and paste message and address on the LINK PROVIDED AT THE END OF EVERY TUTORIAL

Wait few days to check your ETHEREUM wallet if your HEX has arrived

Remember FREE claimed HEX is 90% auto-stacked for 50 weeks and 10% free to sell or stack to a different time period.

How to prepare for the Hex Claim?


By the SNAPSHOT date try to have as much Bitcoin in your wallet as you can. YOU CAN SELL BITCOIN RIGHT AFTER THE SNAPSHOT DATE IF YOU WANT.Go to the Claim Tutorials at and follow them.Allow few days for the claiming process to proceed and send your coins to your Ethereum address. Then follow again the Tutorials to stack the coins and make up to x3 in 50 weeks if you choose so.If you plan to BUY HEX go to the Adoption Amplifier and buy your HEX there to get X5 X10 the HEX you would normally get on the market. All the information will be soon on

If you want to know the SNAPSHOT DATE to claim your FREE HEX subscribe to:


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